It Could Happen to the Best of Us: Rihanna Jumps Off Her Pool Float to Save Her Wine

Sometimes you just have to jump ship for the greater good. In this case, “ship” means “swan-shaped pool float” and “greater good” refers to “saving your wine,” but—tomato, tomato. In a video she Snapchatted live from Barbados yesterday, Rihanna is all of us, valiantly soaking herself in the pool as she loses her balance on a pool float but saves her glass of white wine.

In a video posted just before her spill into the pool, Rihanna floated happily across the pool, with SWV’s “Right Here” blasting and all appearing well. “Multitasking!” her friend commented as Rihanna paddled with one hand, keeping her wine glass aloft in the other.

Everything was going just fine until she hit the side of the pristine pool and capsized. Eh, a fall into this particular pool is a fall we’d all be happy to take, especially when it’s 87 degrees outside, as an earlier Snapchat informed us. Props, RiRi. Way to give us all serious vacation envy. Now we all want to hit the nearest pool.

BTW, if you are dying to recreate this scene in your own pool, you can buy Rihanna’s pool float here. Price: $128. Feeling like RiRi: priceless.