People Are Accusing Rihanna of Photoshopping Her Body in This Pic

People Are Accusing Rihanna of Photoshopping Her Body in This Pic

Rihanna is no stranger to calling out her haters. She’s clapped back at body-shamers not once, but twice in the past two months. But if there were ever a time for RiRi to address her Instagram critics, it would be now. The 29-year-old singer is fielding Photoshop allegations after fans discovered two thumbs in one of her pictures, and, after further investigation, we’re confused too—though we think we found the answer.

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To back up a tic: On Monday, the singer caught the attention of the internet (and her ex, Chris Brown) for the slay-worthy costume she wore to Crop Over, an annual festival in Barbados. And while the majority of her Instagram comments were brimming with praise for her outfit (which included a turquoise wig, rainbow feathers, and a diamond-encrusted two-piece), some fans noticed what looks like an extra nail on one of Rihanna’s thumbs.

In the shot, Rihanna is posed with her hand on her waist—and a second blue-painted fingernail appears to be poking out from her thumb. The abnormal detail immediately spurred Photoshop allegations among her followers, with some critics claiming that the nail is a leftover mistake from Rihanna Photoshopping another part of her body.

“I love this picture but my only questions is why does she have 2 nails on her thumb???” someone wrote.

“Eww whats wrong her thumb,” another added.

“This is hot as shit but doesn’t anyone else see the extra thumbnail?” a commenter said.

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As someone we look up to for body positivity, we hope Rihanna knows better than to Photoshop her photos. Thing is, if you look closely, that “nail” is probably just the end of one of the ribbons with which her wrists are festooned—on her left hand, it’s clear that her arm cuff is tied with turquoise ribbon. So—mystery solved, most likely. But you know the internet loves to cry Photoshop.