Links to Click: Rihanna Got a Super Painful Tattoo, See M.I.A.’s Collection for Versace, More

Meghan Blalock

rihanna tatoo Links to Click: Rihanna Got a Super Painful Tattoo, See M.I.A.s Collection for Versace, More

The Internet was rife with jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing, and just utterly ridiculous news today. See our favorites of the day below!

1. Rihanna got a traditional New Zealand Maori tattoo, which involves driving the ink into the skin using a wooden spike and a mallet. Ouchies! [Daily Makeover]

2. Gwen Stefani announced that she’s doing a line of nail polish for O.P.I., and some editors took their best stabs at what the colors might be named. [The Cut]

3. Because we know you love champagne and want to up your bubbly game: the 15 best brands you need to know now. [The Vivant]

4. M.I.A.’s capsule line for Versace Versus will hit stores October 16, and there’s a sneak peek of the looks, which are inspired by fake Versace. [Telegraph]

5. The most annoying thing ever is chipping a freshly applied manicure, right? Here are 5 ways to cover up your chips with ease. [Beauty High]

6. Photographer David LaChapelle caught a group of very, um, fit models on camera wearing nothing but bright socks. We don’t hate it. [WWD]

7. If you’ve ever wondered the real secret to making it in the fashion business, one senior editor dishes on how he did it. [BuzzFeed]