Angry Fans Accuse Rihanna Of Lip-Synching and Being High During Singapore Concert

Valeria Nekhim

Off-Track Entertainment At The Singapore F1 Grand Prix - Day 3

Rihanna thrives on controversy, but something tells us the drama of this past weekend is too much even for her.

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Her performance during a Grand Prix concert in Singapore Sunday night culminated with fans taking to Twitter to voice their outrage over RiRi’s alleged lip-synching, with some even accusing  the pop star of  being high on weed, according to Radar Online.  “Rihanna is lip-synching. From the Ex-soundman next to me,” @st_evel_ai tweeted. “Plus, right light isn’t on, on her mic.”

Clad in an A-line print shirt from Raf Simons’ Spring 2014 menswear collection, fishnet biking shorts and white sneakers, the good girl gone bad took a page from Miley Cyrus and stuck her tongue out while pushing her butt out during the show. While this might’ve caused some to assume Rihanna was stoned, considering the provocative nature of her other concerts, we would need more evidence.

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That said, the fan accusations couldn’t have come at a worse time, as RiRi made headlines earlier in the weekend for attending a live sex show and for posting a selfie to her Instagram which subsequently led to the arrest of two people. While in Thailand, the 25 year-old posed with a slow Loris, a type of monkey that’s on the international protected species list, making it illegal to touch. Consequently, the photo led officials to track down and sentence two poachers who now face up to four years in prison and a $1,300 fine.

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The Singapore performance marked RiRi’s return to the stage since taking a seven week break, so perhaps she just wasn’t on her A-game? However, the singer has been accused of lip-synching before, including back in July at Scotland’s Tea in the Park Festival. For some this is a deal-breaker, with one fan tweeting “15 minutes I’ll never get back”, but given her high intensity dancing, we can accept the occasional lip-synching number. What do you think? Is lip-synching during a high-octane performance an absolute don’t?