New York, Get Ready: Rihanna Is Reportedly Moving To The Big Apple

Valeria Nekhim


Rihanna must be in an empire state of mind if the rumors that she’s moving to New York City turn out to be true. According to Page Six, RiRi has been quietly apartment hunting, and she’s already moved out of her L.A. abode due to stalkers, trespassers, and attempted burglaries (oh my!).

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The 25-year-old singer and  BFF Melissa Forde were in town recently for New York Fashion Week, and it’s now being reported she’s planning to settle in New York as soon as her world tour ends later in November. But where will she live?!

Apart from the whole business of her life being in potential danger in L.A., we’re wondering what other factors played a role in RiRi’s decision to relocate.  Here are three of our top guesses:

1. She’s searching for love.
Many women (here’s looking at you Carrie Bradshaw) come to the empire state in search of love, and there’s no reason why the “Pour It Up” singer can’t be one of them. In fact, only a couple of weeks ago Rihanna told British TV host Alan Carr that since her split with Chris Brown, she’s feeling lonely and hasn’t had gotten busy for a while.  Might we suggest Tinder?

2. She wants to make like Lindsay and Dina Lohan and ride a Citibike.
Okay, so maybe she decided to move states before she saw images of Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, riding Citibikes earlier this week with blissful expressions on their faces, but we’re fairly sure it helped solidify her choice. We just hope the star has better judgement than Lindsay and wears a helmet.

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3. She wants a cronut, duh.
L.A. has many things, but it does not have chef Dominique Ansel‘s infamous Cronut, a hybrid pastry that’s part croissant, part doughnut, and 100% delicious.  The only question is if RiRi will get to jump the line or if she’ll have to rise at the crack of dawn and make like the rest of us commoners. Doubtful.