Here’s Why Fans Think Rihanna’s Next Album Could Come Any Day Now

Photo: Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images.

We need a new album, RiRi! Fans have been dying to hear Rihanna’s new album. Here’s a clue that 2019 might be the year we finally get a ninth album drop from the badass “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer. We mean, these photos are basically proof, right?

Less than 24 hours ago, Rihanna shared an adorable photo of her friend Jenn Roasales’s baby, writing “thank you @jennnrosales and @the_aa for blessing my day a lil mo.” And first of all—that is one cute baby. Second of all—fans are convinced this means the singer is almost done with her new album because the photo was taken in the studio. So she’s definitely hard at work! Rihanna also shared a selfie video from the studio on her Instagram story. She is wearings some killer shades and a very vibrant outfit. She is totally ~feeling herself~ here. And what would give someone more confidence than knowing they’re about to drop a totally unreal album on their millions of fans around the world??

Rihanna’s last album was ANTI—she dropped it in 2016. Highlights were hits like “Love On The Brain” and “Work,” featuring Drake. Totally epic. Drake was just hitting the studio lately too—there’s a theme! He’s rumored to be collaborating with Rihanna’s other ex, Chris Brown. Will the three of them create some music together?

Naturally, the Twitter-verse is super hyped up about RiRi’s foreshadowing. What will this new album bring?

The anticipation is palpable. Rihanna has said that her ninth album will come out in 2019. When in 2019? We’re not sure. But we’re hoping it’s very, very soon.