Rihanna Was Named the Top Female Artist to Listen to During Sex & Well, She’s Bad Gal RiRi for a Reason

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It’s official: Our girl Rih has the sexiest tunes for lovemaking—at least as far as the ladies go. According to U.K. outlet Pour Moi, Rihanna’s the most popular female artist for sex playlists. Others, like The Weeknd and Jeremih, ranked high on mixes as far as male artists go. But with Rih as the mastermind behind a song literally titled “Sex With Me,” we know who’s taking home the real prize.

When Pour Moi announced their findings, users on social media immediately began asking one important question: How, exactly, were they confirming this data? “How’d they know that though,” tweeted user @faizahAadenike. “y’all in the room with us?” As social media users joked about the eavesdropping, others weighed in with an inkling of an idea: “that means it was on their sex playlist,” wrote Twitter user @shanghaibarbiee.

They’re not too far off. According to Pour Moi, the publication made their list by analyzing over 300,000 songs on Spotify playlists with phrases like “sex playlist,” “baby-making,” and “shagging” in the title. They found Rihanna, followed by Beyoncé, were the only women artists to make the top ten list. The Weeknd claimed the top spot with over five songs under each category of seduction and lovemaking. Not too shabby.

Given that many people might be riding out their socially distanced days without a partner, the outlet decided to spice things up with a separate list for self-pleasure. For that endeavor, the site reportedly analyzed over 20,000 songs from playlists with names like “solo sex,” “touching myself,” and “masturbation playlist.” Way to keep it obvious, folks! The results were also pretty obvious, with tracks like Nicki Minaj’s “Feeling Myself,” and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Love Myself” topping the list.

All that said, Twitter user @crypticxchloe brings up a really good point: “Nah nobody’s Spotify knows when anyone actually having sex.. some ppl listen to those playlists on the bus to school.” And there’s nothing wrong with that!

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