Rihanna Wears Sparkly Sheer Monokini at Party in Barbados

Spencer Cain
Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

While celebrities most often show off their style on the red carpet or while being photographed by relentless paparazzi on the street, one of our favorite places to observe stars’ fashion choices is when they’re on the beach. What bathing suit you opt for says a lot about who you are—and clearly, if bathing suits define your personality, then it’s clear that Rihanna isn’t afraid to take any risks.

After a quick jaunt to L.A. last week, where she slept topless and got some sort of a Jheri curl, the 25-year-old Barbados native is back in her home country where she’s celebrating Crop Over. Crop Over is a traditional harvest festival, that many liken to Carnival in Brazil. So basically, it’s a great excuse to party and wear skimpy swimsuits—which is exactly what RiRi did this past weekend.

Her friends took to Instagram to show off her risque ensemble, which was a sheer monokini with cut-outs as well as embellished sparkle panels. Her cousin, Sonita, wore a matching one. Clearly, monokinis are a mainstay for this crew—and we can’t blame them. What better way to beat the Barbados heat than to, well, not cover up at all?

Following the big event, Rihanna tweeted, “Woke up in paint and a veil from partying in de street all morning!!!” Clearly, she had a good time.

Monokinis are popping up more and more lately, with Miley Cyrus showing a penchant for them as well. They only seem to be rising in popularity, so we have to ask: Would you wear one?

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