So Rihanna Moved To London & Nobody Noticed

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna has been spending quite a bit of time in London recently, so no one seemed to notice when she moved to the U.K. officially. Rihanna is living in London and seems to absolutely love it. The “Work” singer confirmed she moved earlier this year and told the New York Times, the change largely has to do with her new company. Rihanna has been working closely with her Fenty Beauty team and being in the U.K. makes it a lot easier to coordinate with her crew manufacturers who are based in Paris and Italy. She also just launched her luxury fashion label Fenty in Paris. Her boyfriend, Hassan Jameel, *just so happens* to live in the U.K. too. Coincidence? We think not.

There were rumors Rihanna and Jameel were going to tie the knot sometime soon, so a move seems like a first step…don’t you think? Jameel, a Saudi businessman associated with Toyota, and Rihanna have been super private about their relationship so the pair could be engaged, and we might not even know it! We shall see. Only time will tell.

But wait—there’s something far more important than Rihanna’s career and love life. What, how can that be, you ask? Allow us to explain. RiRi has a favorite place to visit. So obviously everyone needs to be on the lookout and find the “cute little Jamaican market” that the Bajan beauty is obsessed with. Or, we could also just let her have it. While speaking with the publication, Rihanna confessed that she adores simply walking though the streets that Charles Dickens spent so much time shaming. We’re guessing it’s because she doesn’t get noticed half as frequently as she would in say, any state in the U.S. RiRi spoke about the benefits of getting outside.

“The world can really make you believe that the wrong things are priority, and it makes you really miss the core of life, what it means to be alive. It could literally be walking outside in the sun,” she said. “That makes me happy. Like going to the grocery store — you know, there’s a cute little Jamaican market near where I live right now.’

The “Diamonds” singer has dropped clues that fans can expect her new album—R9—sometime in 2019. So you can catch up refreshing our feeds for some other clue from RiRi about her new music.

Also—in case you ever wanted to relive Rihanna’s SNL glory days, here are two videos from her “Shy Ronnie” performance with Andy Samberg. Just to, you know, fill the time before her new music comes out. She’s a singer by day and a comedian by (Saturday) night.

(And just to point out, the lyrics start with “We’re like fire and ice, taking over the whole world,” so like…did she predict Game of Thrones? JW. The video is from 2009.)

One year later, Mad Men’s Jon Hamm made a special appearance.