Rihanna, What Were You Doing Hanging Out with Leo in Vegas?

rihanna leonardo dicaprio1 Rihanna, What Were You Doing Hanging Out with Leo in Vegas?


Leonardo DiCaprio is linked with another woman every other week, but there’s one dating rumor that just won’t quit: #RiCaprio. And this weekend, the toxic bachelor was spotted partying with Rihanna again, this time at the Intrigue Night Club grand opening in Las Vegas.

Ri was already in the neighborhood for her world tour, and arrived at the club at 3:25 am, according to “Entertainment Tonight.” After making her way to the VIP area (naturally), she met up with Leo. Eyewitness for “ET” say they were “whispering into each other’s ears”—which might mean they’re deeply in love and dating, or might just mean the music was really loud so they needed to get close. We’re hoping for the former.

More rumors place the pair back at the Wynn Tower Suites—although apparently Louis Tomlinson from One Direction was third-wheeling back at the hotel, so maybe it’s not romantic, and the trio just wanted to keep partying.

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This little rendezvous comes two weeks after the pair was spotted hanging out at Coachella, and they were first linked in January after both partying at the Playboy Mansion, which is presumably part of DiCaprio’s weekly routine. A “very reliable source” (or a random person who may or may not have been at the party) then told TMZ that RiCaprio was spotted “swapping spit” at the bash, and the rumor mill went into overdrive.

Since then, they’ve been seen in the same room, and possibly even interacting, a few more times, with grainy photos of the pair released online last year. Come on, guys, just make this official already.

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