4 Theories Why Rihanna Might Have Deleted Her Instagram

Meghan Blalock

The Queen of Instagram, it seems, has now disappeared from the social network. That’s right people, one quick visit to Instagram.com/badgalriri revealed the following dreaded message:

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.34.20 PM

Wait, what? Dost our eyes deceive us? Rihanna has deleted her Instagram account? How can this be?! BuzzFeed has a full rundown of what happened: earlier this morning, shortly after her account first disappeared, a rep for Rihanna said they weren’t sure what happened but have been looking into it. Not long after, Rihanna’s account came back. Then it went away again.

“This account was mistakenly caught in one of our automated systems and very briefly disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience,” an Instagram spokesperson told BuzzFeed in an email. We wouldn’t personally refer to an outing of several hours to be “briefly disabled,” but maybe that’s just us.

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This is all happening less than a week after Rihanna posted the nude cover and some nude inside shots from her photo shoot with French magazine Lui—only to have Instagram promptly remove them, sans her permission. With that in mind, we have a few ideas on what might have caused RiRi to delete her account, once and for all. Read on!

1. She’s protesting censorship.
Considering her recent run-in with Instagram’s strict anti-nudity regulations, it seems most likely that Rihanna deleted her account in protest of what she perceives to be censorship. And she knows she has the upperhand here; Instagram gets more from Rihanna in terms of traffic than Rihanna gets from Instagram in terms of exposure.

2. She deleted it under the instruction of her new record label.
Rihanna just today announced that she has officially departed Def Jam Records to join Jay Z’s label, Roc Nation, and as is often the case when artists switch labels or management, perhaps RiRi has been instructed to rethink her Insta account, and take it a new direction.

3. She’s going to rebrand.
Rihanna has made a name for herself as, well, kind of a bad girl. With her new record contract and the fact that she’s already fully exposed her breasts to the world, maybe RiRi is itching to transform her image to keep us interested like several iconic pop artists before her. We might see an entirely new Instagram account, and with it an entirely new Rihanna.

4. She’s simply tired of it.
As one of the most overexposed people in the world, we can imagine that it might get tiring trying to keep up a steady stream of shocking Instagram photos. Perhaps Rihanna realized she has better things to do with her time than post semi-nude pics.

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