Drake Was Left on Read by Rihanna During an Instagram Live & Now We’re Cringing

Rihanna & Drake
Photo: Shutterstock.

Looks like Drizzy isn’t getting any closer to his crush anytime during this #szn of social distancing. Rihanna ignored Drake on Instagram live, and the result was pretty darn awkward. Given that the last time they were spotted in the comments section of an IG live, Drake, 33, was really trying to flirt with Rihanna, 32, this latest cold shoulder was a real dub, for sure.

These former friends-turned-lovers-turned…uh, who knows, joined DJ Spade’s Instagram Live for the second time in a week on March 28. They were joined by buddy Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets player who has been self-quarantining in light of recent news about his health. Like any chill friend, Rih kept things light with the basketball star and poked fun at his diagnosis. And, uh, Drake just kind of…watched and waited to jump in.

“Is KD allowed in here? Should I wear a mask to live?” she asked, before switching notes to say, “But foreal [sic] get well soon KD.” Still, RiRi couldn’t let the jokes ease up. She later reminded Kevin that even he’s not exempt from being roasted on Live: “Back with my mask!,” she wrote, “@easymoneysniper wya?”

Kevin, to his credit, shot back at Rih. “Yo Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?” Oop. Yikes, if so? Yet Rihanna confirmed that she’s been holed up back in this “dump ass” country, the U.S., for the last two months. Which is probably a good thing, since as Kevin added, “that rona was lurkin’ over there in December.”

So far, all of this just looked like a goofy exchange between pals on the ‘gram, but of course, the 6ix God had to jump in (nobody asked) and unfortunately for him, it didn’t go too well (nobody responded). Drake hopped into the chat in reply to Kevin and Rihanna, writing, “we have to dead the treyfive corona jokes.” Cool, Drake. Thanks for that.

Rih didn’t hop back into the chat until well after several others weighed in, effectively curving her former boo altogether. It’s sort of like that time the Barbadian singer spoke to Vogue and played it cool when asked about her relationship with Drake. “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either,” she said at the time. “It is what it is.”

Well, Drizzy. Looks like this latest curve on IG Live just is what it is.