The Internet Is Comparing Rihanna to Jesus for This God-Like Talent

The Internet Is Comparing Rihanna to Jesus for This God-Like Talent
Photo: Getty Images

We already know that Rihanna is no mortal human: Her hair and makeup are always laid to the gods, her clap backs are the definition of savage, and she may or may not have 11 fingernails. Now, after a meme of her walking on air took over the internet, we might have confirmation.

On Saturday, a tweet from Twitter user Aimee Richardson resurfaced of Rihanna expertly walking over grates in high heels. The four now-viral photos feature the 30-year-old singer breezily sauntering across hole-ridden surfaces without an ounce of worry of slipping through the cracks. One picture even saw Rih strolling across an open grate without looking at the ground.

The resurfaced tweets immediately caused the internet to compare Rihanna to Jesus, who similarly walked across water, according to legend. “Jesus walked on water and Rihanna walks on grates in heels, I see no difference,” Richardson tweeted.

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Many were in awe of Rihanna’s impressive high-heel talent, with some even speculating that she was able to levitate. Several users also brought up a recent article about Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who recently got her high heels stuck in a grate. “She needs Rihanna to show her how it’s done,” one user tweeted, alongside an article of Middleton’s mishap.

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There was a Twitter glitch recently that predicted Rihanna would be the next President United States, if we lived in alternate universe. If she happened to be Jesus too, we wouldn’t be mad about that.