The Genius Way Rihanna Snuck a Flask with Alcohol into Coachella

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Whether she’s showing up at the Met Gala in a omelette-like gown or slaying the red carpet in a nipple-baring dress, Rihanna is known for her over-the-top, head-turning fashion, and her outfits at Coachella were no exception. But while you were ogling over the RihRih’s thigh-high boots or buckle-studded pants, you might’ve missed the most important detail from her Coachella-weekend outfit: the alcohol-filled flask hidden as an accessory.

On the third day of 2018 Coachella, Rihanna turned heads when she showed up at the festival in snake-skin boots, a pussycat-emblazoned sweater, and a full-on ski mask by Gucci. And though Rihanna’s warm-weather outfit sure caught the internet’s attention (mind you, temperatures at Coachella can hit well over 100 degrees), it was her bracelet that earned the applause of festival-goers everywhere.

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You see, underneath the sleeve or her sweater and striped button-up shirt, Rihanna was wearing a chunky, rose-gold bracelet with a large diamond detail on top. After a search, fans discovered that Rihanna’s bracelet wasn’t an ordinary bangle. Instead, it was a hidden flask by Amzwt ($27) that can hold up to 3.5 ounces of liquid. The diamond detail happened to be the cap, which Rihanna could unscrew and sip from when the festival police weren’t watching.

Amzwt Flask

Photo: Amzwt

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Though alcohol is allowed on the Coachella campgrounds, it isn’t permitted at the festival venue. And while Coachella does serve alcohol, fans have complained that the prices are astronomical and that the drinks are watered down. So, to bypass the rules and rip-off prices, Rihanna took matters into her own hands and carried some liquid courage on her wrist.

Needless to say, the Coachella police won’t be falling for it again, but at least RihRih pulled a fast one on them when she could.