Sorry, Barbie. There’s a New Hot Pink-Wearing Icon in Town, and Her Name’s Rihanna

Maggie Griswold
Sorry, Barbie. There’s a New Hot Pink-Wearing Icon in Town, and Her Name’s Rihanna
Photo: Theo Wargo/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

Hello, all, it’s just me, screaming once again because of a celebrity fashion moment. Honestly, what was my life before stalking the Internet to find the hottest celeb looks every day? I can’t imagine a world in which I wouldn’t see photos from Rihanna’s Fenty pop-up with The Webster and immediately share with the world the beauty that is Bad Girl Riri’s ensemble. That world is a cold, bleak one filled with unimaginative outfits, and I’m not here for it. I think I’ll continue to live in this reality, where Rihanna’s most recent outfit makes it onto every mood board I ever make. (Yes, it’s that good!)

On Tuesday night in New York, Rihanna, queen that she is, attended a pop-up for her new clothing brand Fenty. If you’re not already obsessed with Fenty, then I really don’t know what you’re doing. Rihanna has quickly become a sartorial staple, and now, with her own designer label, the singer’s fashion expertise has increased tenfold. At this pop-up, Rihanna wore a Fenty dress—because obviously—that gave me the ultimate Barbie vibe. Except, this ensemble makes Rihanna Barbie 2.0: Bad Girl Barbie. Stunning in a hot pink slip dress from her own line, there’s nothing Bad Girl Barbie (Rihanna) can’t do.

Rihanna Fenty Pop-Up

Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock.

I mean, can you even?! The glitz! The glamour! Rihanna even matched her shoes and lipstick to this hot pink dress. If Rihanna wasn’t your true fashion idol before, she better be now. The singer—and now fashion designer—is making major moves, and frankly, I’m happy to be along for the ride. Rihanna is not only a style icon in every sense of the word, but she’s also a prime example of working to achieve your damn dreams, baby. From hit records to a designer fashion label, we stan a living legend.