Rihanna Clapped Back at a Fan Who Told Her to ‘Go Back to Singing’

Photo: Shutterstock.

RiRi has teased an upcoming album, and fans are itching for its release. Patience is, perhaps, not their virtue, however. And the singer isn’t taking any of the complaints. Rihanna clapped back after recent Fenty Beauty backlash and fans complained she was spending too much time on her makeup products and lingerie, Savage x Fenty, and not enough on her new music. They want songs! Honestly, can you blame them? We are ~dying~ to hear new music from the “Bitch Better Have My Money” singer but guys—we need to give her some time. She’s exploring other avenues and interests, and that’s super cool too.

Comments By Celebs’ Instagram captured the interaction between Rihanna and a fan who was demanding new music. The user commented on her latest promo video for the Sunstalkr Bronzer writing, “ok now can u please go back to singing.” As we might have suspected, the 31-year-old singer did not let this comment slide unnoticed. She replied, “i love how y’all tell me what to do. it’s great.”

Called. Out! And to the next commenter who uttered a similar sentiment (“Annoyed. We want the album sis”), Rihanna simply wrote, “well this is bronzer.” She is literally teaching us how to take the high road while also getting her point across, 10-fold.

And here’s the thing, we know an album is coming. Rihanna herself has confirmed that it will, in fact, drop this year! Recent reports from sources at Us Weekly say Rihanna is done recording—so the studio album should’t be too far away. If her part in the studio singing is done, now it’s really up to her producers and sound mixers. So for now, let’s let RiRi enjoy this new work, right? Power to you, girl!