Rihanna Named Her New Fenty Beauty Eyeliner After an Iconic Clapback at a Racist

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No one loves a good clapback more than Rihanna. Whether she’s shutting down customers who drag her skills as a businesswoman or annihilating competitors who criticize Fenty Beauty’s 40-shade foundation range, the 30-year-old singer is an expert at putting haters in their place. So when she had the opportunity to name her latest Fenty Beauty product, a black liquid eyeliner, she knew exactly where to look: her clapbacks.

This week, Rihanna announced Fenty Beauty’s upcoming “Moroccan Spice” eyeshadow palette and “Flyliner” liquid eyeliner. And though the collection, which drops July 6, has been met with mixed opinions, there’s one thing that we’re already cheering: her Flyliner color name, Cuz I’m Black.

Fenty Beauty

Photo: Fenty Beauty

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Now, to the average person, Cuz I’m Black might not seem like much. But to Rihanna super-fans, they will remember the phrase as an iconic tweet from 2011 when Rihanna clapped back at someone who called her hair “nappy” on the cover of her single “Man Down.” “Why does her hair look so nappy?” someone tweeted. “cuz I’m black bitch!!!!” Rihanna tweeted back


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Naturally, Rihanna remembered the interaction—which happened seven years ago, we might add—and used it for her eyeliner. Like us, the singer’s fans went wild after finding out that Cuz I’m Black was named after an iconic Rih clapback.

However, it’s not entirely surprising that Rihanna used a clapback as inspo for a Fenty Beauty product. After all, she did name one of her navy blue lipsticks from her Mattemoiselle collection “Clapback” after her—and her fans’—habit of clapping back to haters.

“She’s known for her social media clapbacks, and her navy [her fans] are always clapping back at haters, defending her and supporting her, so she decided to name this navy blue Clapback for them,” Hector Espinal, Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artist, told Refinery 29.

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Make no mistake: Rihanna remembers everything. We’ll keep an eye out for more Fenty Beauty clapback beauty products in the future.