Here’s Exactly What Rihanna & Drake Discussed At His 33rd Birthday Party

Drake & Rihanna.
Photo: Getty Images.

Rumors are swirling that things got flirty between Kylie Jenner and Drake at the rapper’s birthday party two days ago. But now we have the info on that Rihanna and Drake’s intimate conversation at his 33rd birthday celebration. The former couple was able to put aside any differences and have a night of quality fun and catching up. Following his lavish bash at Goya Studios in Los Angeles, the after-party headed over to Poppy nightclub.

It was there that Rihanna ran into her ex and helped him celebrate the big day. A source told HollywoodLife, “Rihanna was hanging out at Poppy with friends and made some time to speak to Drake in his booth. Most of the conversation steered towards basketball because Drake was showing off his Toronto Raptors championship ring and they both have a love of basketball, so they were talking about the Lakers game and the Raptors game.”

Sounds like a good conversation starter! “So they were talking a bunch of NBA and having some other small talk about music and she was also talking to a bunch of his friends and it was a simple hangout with pleasantries being offered all around,” the source continued, noting, “There was zero romance vibes at all. It was not like that at all.” Interesting, interesting. So they really are just friends now. That’s uplifting! We love to know it’s possible, and it’s great to hear that they’re together again—just as friends.

“They seemed to be very friendly and laughed and drank and sang a few songs from the music that was played and they even had some fries from Mickey D’s. After their brief hangout that lasted maybe 15 minutes or so, she went on her way and he stayed where he was at because he was having a great time himself in his devoted section. It was just a fun and easy night for Rihanna hanging out with her girlfriends. She played nice and there was no drama. They seemed to not have any beef at all,” the source added.

Also as a reminder, RiRi actually has a new bf of her own! The beautiful and talented singer has been dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel for over two years now—since June of 2017. So not so new after all! Rihanna opened up to Vogue during an interview saying, “Yeah, I’m dating. I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy.” Aw! We love it.