Rihanna Showed Up To Drake’s Birthday Party & Now We Have So Many Questions

Photo: Getty Images.

Our guy Aubrey is turning 33 years old this week, and to celebrate, the Canadian rapper has already hosted a get together with some very special guests in attendance—one of whom is his biggest girl crush. Yep: Rihanna attended Drake’s birthday with friends and we can’t really wrap our heads around what this could mean for them. Are they homies again? Did Drake’s forever-crush become a romantic flame? Was Rihanna serving Drake some Fenty realness? I’ll stop. Thankfully, sources close to the pair know what really went down at that party, and we’re about to share.

After swerving Drake while receiving her MTV Video Vanguard Award, Rihanna did seem to catch some feels for her friend from The Six. The pair proceeded to start up an on-again, off-again relationship, and officially seemed to call things off with each other as they began seeing other people. Since then, Rihanna’s started dating a literal billionaire, Hassan Jameel, and has been hesitant to call the Toronto rapper anything as much as a friend. “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is,” she said in a past Vogue interview. But it looks like that’s changed.

A source with E! shared that Rihanna “”stayed for several hours [at Drake’s party].” But she didn’t show up alone. They explained, “She was with two girlfriends and was escorted to Drake’s table by security. Her and Drake were talking for a while and were smiling and laughing. It seemed like a very pleasant interaction, and they looked like they were having fun together as friends.” Well, then! Friends it is.

“Rihanna was dancing to the music and bobbing her head and seemed to be in a good mood. The whole vibe was very chill,” the source continued. “Drake had a huge smile on his face and looked excited to see Rihanna when she arrived.” Ok, we can totally imagine that big, sweet smile, and now BRB, gotta cry. If Rihanna can make Drake that happy—even as a friend and nothing more—we have no choice but to stan.