Rihanna Takes a Page From Ciara’s Playbook and Wears Full Givenchy Men’s Outfit

Valeria Nekhim
Rihanna in Givenchy Men

Rihanna poses in Givenchy menswear alongside her BFF Melissa Forde.

Whether she’s flaunting her toned abs in a Reformation crop top and a bandage skirt, or going sans bra in a a sheer white Chanel sweater dress, we’ve always thought of Rihanna as a fashion daredevil who marches to the beat of her own sartorial drum. But when RiRi posted a photo of herself on Instagram this Saturday (with her BFF Melissa Forde) wearing an over-sized T-shirt and skinny pants in a matching print from Givenchy’s Spring 2014 Menswear collection, we couldn’t help but question whether she’s trying to steal a page from Ciara’s fashion book.

It’s no secret both singers are longtime muses and friends of Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci, however, Ciara’s penchant for rocking styles from the label’s menswear line has been documented for quite some time. What’s more, just last month, RiRi rocked the same Plane Print Reversible Bomber Jacket that Ciara was photographed wearing back in March, which it should be noted, also happens to be from the Givenchy men’s collection.

Our only hope is that a feud doesn’t ensue among the PYTs because we think both artists know how to make menswear look decidedly sexy while putting their own unique spin on it. That said, it probably doesn’t help matters that Rihanna referred to Tisci as her “baby daddy” in the aforementioned Instgram post, and that earlier this year the designer created a t-shirt for her with a giant impressionistic painting of the star’s visage. Whether there’s enough Givenchy menswear to go around remains to be seen, but we’re certainly going to be watching closely.

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