Be Jealous: More Photos Emerge of Rihanna Dripping in Chanel and Alaïa in Paris

Spencer Cain


A few weeks ago, we scrolled through Rihanna‘s Instagram account in awe, witnessing the aftermath of what clearly was a fashion-heavy two-day tear through Paris. The star bopped around from atelier to atelier clad in the most exclusive designer threads, lounged around Coco Chanel’s historic apartment, smoking cigarettes and recreating the iconic designer’s famed poses, and clinked glasses with iconic designer Azzedine Alaïa. Just when we thought photos of the Parisian jaunt were a thing of the past, it seems we can all we can bask in the 25-year-old superstar’s fashion obsession even more.

The Coveteur has released never-before-seen pictures from RiRi’s trip alongside Lyna Ahanda, the editor-in-chief of Lurve magazine, who accompanied the controversial singer on her fashion-filled adventure. Frankly, it’s hard not to be a little envious as Rihanna gets fitted in the most glamorous Chanel ensembles, leaves the showroom with bags filled with the label’s fine jewelry, and caps off the night slithering around on a chaise in a stunning Alaïa jumpsuit with her best friend and photographer Melissa Forde (below).


It’s impossible not to note that Rihanna is truly a divisive figure in today’s pop culture climate. While her headline making behavior tends to be focused around excessive partying and being inappropriately late to concerts, she’s a favorite of top designers—Tom Ford once stated that she’s his inspiration! Rarely, if ever, do stars get the chance to go from hot mess to haute mess. You certainly aren’t seeing Tara Reid tour the Balmain studio.

Head over to The Coveteur to see more shots!

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