So, Rihanna Just Trolled ASAP Rocky Over His First Red Carpet Look & We’re Still Not Over It

ASAP Rocky & Rihanna
Photo: Fred Duval/MEGA.

Watching Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s Vogue video just confirms that if there’s any instance where getting roasted by someone could feel like a compliment, it’d be with Rih. The 32-year-old beauty mogul and entertainer-extraordinaire sat down with her longtime friend (and former rumored flame), 31-year-old ASAP Rocky, to talk all things beauty, fashion, music and more for joint video interviews with Vogue and GQ. The clips, which premiered on YouTube on Wednesday, August 26, also feature one special moment that has fans talking: Rihanna pulled a “this you?” roast on Rocky—and the reason why is enough of an excuse to watch for yourself.

In the video clip below, Fenty Skin founder asked the “Goldie” rapper about his first-ever red carpet outfit. Rocky tried to recall whether his first red carpet was for MTV or another awards show, before finally remembering that his first red carpet was, in fact, for the BET Awards in 2012. Like anyone curious, Rih pulled up a Google search of Rocky’s carpet look—and let’s just say that what she found was the perfect fodder for a good roast. In true early 2010s fashion, Rocky was sporting a backward cap, a fully black outfit, and a statement Hermes belt.

“Oh my god,” Rihanna said, laughing as she pulled up a photo. Rocky attempted to explain his look: “I had the Hermes belt on, the Raf Simons button-up,” he said, referring to fashion designer Simons. But Rih wasn’t having it. “You don’t have to point out Hermes and Raf, this is you!? Stop trying to make it sound dope,” she joked, continuing, “This is you? You could have used some Fenty Skin back then.” Oop.

At least Rocky found his way to Fenty all these years later. Now, the rapper is a Fenty Skin ambassador, and according to him, his skin type is “handsome” because of it. At one point during their interview, the A$AP Mob alum kept up the jokes after Rihanna asked him what kind of skin he has—you know, in terms of whether it’s dry, sensitive, oily, or normal. The rapper’s preferred reply was “handsome.” (For those really curious, though, Rih eventually pressed him enough to learn that he has sensitive skin. No harsh cleansers or “chemicals” work for him).

“I had to discover face cleansing and skincare all at the same time when I was a young buck in the shower,” Rocky went on to reveal.  “You can’t wash your body with the same rag you wash your face with. I was lucky enough to be the type of guy that wants to wash my face.”

There were also sweet moments between the pair. Rocky reflected on the reality of never having grown up with skincare role models who were men, and asked Rih for her opinions over how women feel about men who are interested in skincare. “with Rocky asking genuine questions to Rih. “You know how we find out as we get older that girls love men with, like, manicures and pedicures and stuff like that,” he said, asking, “Is skincare a big thing when it comes to women?”

Rihanna explained, “We enjoy men that take care of their skin because it says a lot about how they’ll take care of themselves and the people around them,” later adding, “Men love their skin, and they take care of it, but they feel obligated almost to only use products that are for men because anything beyond that feels too feminine, it’s not for them, they’re not allowed, they don’t have permission.”

If there’s one thing Rihanna’s doing with Fenty skin, it’s breaking down these barriers. Skincare is for everyone—even if you dressed like Rocky in 2012!

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