Tongue Rings, Bras, $1000 Pins: The Most Amazing Movie Merchandise

Spencer Cain
Tongue Rings, Bras, $1000 Pins: The Most Amazing Movie Merchandise
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Yesterday, news broke that Target would be taking a particularly interesting angle when it came to The Hunger Games merchandise craze. Instead of simply selling Katniss Barbies and cheesy bow and arrows, they’ll be featuring a slew of high-end products, some of which are well over $500.

While Hunger Games fans are particularly obsessive and will probably pay more than that for anything that makes them feel like they’re a part of the action, this got us thinking. There are so many insane pieces of movie merchandise out there, and it’s time to evaluate them.

In the gallery above, we’ve dissected ten of the most interesting pieces of merchandise out there. Click through and let us know which you’d snatch up and which you’d leave on the side of the road.

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Most Overpriced: A replica of Katniss' Mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games will be available at Target for $999. While we'd love to snatch up this item and we would definitely wear it with pride, there's absolutely no reason for it to be this high priced. 

Best Gift for Women: The Sex and the City inspired lingerie collection from Bare Essentials capitalizes on the iconic show in the best way. Women everywhere who have cried to reruns and convinced themselves that they're Carrie would love this is a gift because it will make them feel closer to their idols. Also, how hilarious are the character descriptions?

Most Troubling: Okay, troubling may be a bit harsh of a word, but frankly, if you're trying to channel Bella Swan from Twilight on your wedding day, you should reevaluate your priorities. Nonetheless, the dress is cute and you can snag it here for a mere $799. If you're short on cash and still looking to emulate Kristen Stewart, might we suggest making out with a married friend in a car? 

Most Unsanitary: These Lord of the Rings inspired tongue rings are truly alarming. Ordering a tongue ring online makes us nervous to begin with, and something tells us that those who would be springing for this $15.95 Gollum model probably don't clean it too much. 

Most Practical: This alarm clock inspired by the movie Thor is actually in the shape of a dumbbell, so you can wake up and work out in the same breath. Then maybe you can look like Chris Hemsworth

Most Pointless: Look, we love The Hunger Games as much as anyone else -- maybe even more. However, we can't get behind the $350 leather jacket inspired by the one Katniss wears in the film that Target is planning to sell. The jacket isn't exactly special, so shelling out a pretty penny for it seems a little silly. 

Most BizarreA survey was conducted a few years ago and it seems that James Bond himself, Mr. Daniel Craig, is the celebrity that most people would like to lick. Del Monte created a frozen lollipop based on Craig's sexy physique, and while we can't deny that he's a looker, we think we'll stick to Fudgsicles. 

Most Creative: These Nike Dunks were inspired by Will Ferrell's character Ron Burgundy's outfit in the cult film Anchorman. The tongue of the shoe represents his tie, and the rest depicts the suit. They're still available on eBay, and we're kind of obsessed with them. 

Most Fashionable: We're absolutely obsessed with these bowling shirts inspired by The Big Lebowski. Seriously! This is perfect for your boyfriend, but you can also wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and some basic flats. Everyone who matters will be in on the joke.

Most Morbid: Okay, so it's not technically inspired by a movie, but the Kiss Kasket definitely deserves a shout-out here. Not only does it cost thousands of dollars, but to like Kiss enough to want to be buried in their likeness is truly sick. That said, we're sort of obsessed with it. If you or anyone you know is considering this as an option, please let us know. 

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