Stop the Presses: Rick Owens Used a Step Team Instead of Models on the Runway

Meghan Blalock

Owens RS14 1442

Paris Fashion Week is really delivering the high-octane moments! First, a couple of half-naked protestors rushed the runway at the Nina Ricci show, and now: the ever-conversational Rick Owens abandoned models for his show, instead choosing to show his collection on real-life women.

The real-life women in questions are a group of ladies—equally divided amongst black and white, we might add—that gave entirely new meaning to the term “catwalk.” To a set of unapologetic, hammering hip-hop beats, the steppers danced their way down the runway, clapping, stomping, and doing all the things step teams do.

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This isn’t the first time Owens has grabbed attention for his untraditional runway spectacles: For his “Hellraiser”-inspired Fall 2012 show, the designer exclusively used the song “Imma Read” by relatively unknown rapper Zebra Katz, which had everyone in Paris in a tizzy because of its shocking lyrics and thumping bass.

We say, way to go Rick. The fashion world needs more than a little shaking up, and whether it’s backing your runway shows with subversive hip-hop or walking step dancers instead of models, we support it all the way. Watch some of the Spring 2014 show below, then check out some fierce shots of the ladies in action!

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Owens RS14 1446

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