Shoppers Swear This $11 Keurig Hack Makes Coffee Taste Better Every Single Time—& It’s 45% Off For Memorial Day

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Shoppers Swear This $11 Keurig Hack Makes Coffee Taste Better Every Single Time—& It’s 45% Off For Memorial Day

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I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob. Sometimes, certain roasts aren’t strong enough for my growing caffeine tolerance. Other times, they’re too bitter for my picky taste buds. Though I can be quite particular with the coffee I consume (shoutout to Dean’s Beans’ Ring of Fire), I do like trying out new roasts, ones you can’t just pick off of the shelves of your local grocery store. But what happens when you own a Keurig machine and smaller companies don’t have their yummy beans packaged into proper K-cup pods? You pack them yourself, of course! 

Perfect Pod has created the most genius invention in coffee history. The brand’s Cafe Save Reusable K-Cup Pod Coffee Filters let you fill the capsules with whichever coffees and tea you prefer. The beans from your fave small town coffee shop? Check. The under-the-radar beans that you can only buy online? Check. It’s like you’re your own barista, except you’re not just using any mainstream roast or one from Starbucks (no shade—we love Starbs).

While customizing your coffee, you’ll also be saving so much money. Think about all the cash you’ve been spending on boxes and boxes of pre-made K-cup pods. They stack up! But when you use these reusable coffee filters that are tailor-made for most Keurig machines, you can completely cut out that expense. Plus, they’re a much more sustainable alternative to plastic K-cup pods.

“I can try different coffees while using these with my Keurig. Fill, brew, rinse,” wrote one shopper. “Inexpensive way to taste already ground coffee without making an entire pot.”

What’s more, you get six reusable pods for just $11, since they’re a whopping 45 percent off for Memorial Day. Pro tip: Clip the coupon to save an extra 10 percent. What are you waiting for? Throw on your apron and get packing! Soon, your morning coffees will taste better than ever before.

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Perfect Pod Cafe Save Reusable K Cup Pod Coffee Filters Amazon

Photo: Perfect Pod.

For the freshest cup of joe each and every morning, these reusable K-cup pods are your new go-to. You get to fill the capsules with your own freshly-ground beans, which is such a treat if you’re a caffeine addict.

Besides enjoying better-tasting coffee time after time, you’ll also get the best bang for your buck and help the planet with these unique pods.

They’re designed to fit right into your Keurig machine thanks to their recessed bottoms and lids that snap closed for a super tight seal. And the stainless steel mesh panels ensure your coffee tastes delicious every single time.

“Easy to use and easy to clean—just rinse off under warm water,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “This really helps save money and works just the same as coffee pods,” 

The reusable pods are already easy to clean, but for even less of a mess, Perfect Pod also sells disposable paper filters that slip right into the capsules.

“I love having a Keurig, but sometimes I just want to make my own coffee with a custom portion, and of course want to contribute to using less plastic,” wrote another shopper. “This is a great option and I think it will save me money in buying more ground coffee rather than K-cups!”

After reading about these innovative reusable K-cup pods, you’re probably craving a good cup of joe right about now. So, buy a bag of your fave but harder-to-find beans and get brewing!

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