Looks like fashion’s favorite girl, Kate Moss, and her notoriously on-and-off-again boyfriend, Jamie Hince, are officially back on. According to the UK Mirror, the two made their first appearance as a couple late last week eating pie at Selfridge’s in London. “They’ve sorted their problems and are as happy as they’ve ever been. They have been back together for a good week or so,” says a source close to the couple.

Some people (i.e. celeb reporters) have reservations about the longevity of this most recent reunion. As for me? I’m happy for ’em. Listen, everyone has their problems, every relationship has it’s pitfalls. But when two people love eachother, they’ll keep coming back to one another, for better or for worse. Sometimes, you love someone inexplicably, nonsensically, without knowing why or being able to help it. And it takes courage to get over past mishaps and try, try again. So here’s to this latest reunion. Here’s to hope, and here’s to love–two things that everyone could use a bit more of.