I have been wearing glasses all my life so I have collected quite a few pairs. My favorites are the random specs I pick up in vintage stores all over the city and during my travels. Here’s an image of a vintage pair that I found while rummaging through a thrift store in Los Feliz, California. Los Feliz is a little like the East Village – pre-scrubbed and before the Bowery became one of the most desirable neighborhoods for the under-30 set.

Here I am sandwiched between Brandon Perlman and Carol Han. Notice how cool Brandon looks and how sexy, cool Carol is? Yup. Try not to let my ugly face in this picture keep you up at night. My haute nerd friends (the entire StyleCaster team) have all commented on the two-tone effect so I figured it was StyleCast worthy.

You can find a similar pair on and probably your local thrift shop. I would also check the closest 7-11. Good luck hunting.