Retro Fashion Inspiration: Stylish Films From the 1960’s

Liz Doupnik
Retro Fashion Inspiration: Stylish Films From the 1960’s
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Both on the runways, in the pages of magazines, and within our own community, we’ve been observing quite a hefty amount of retro references of late, especially those relating to the 1960s.

We’ve also noticed a massive variety of films from this period being mentioned by designers, stylists, and editors as key influences when it comes to their personal style.

We did some digging and rounded up some of the movies that are must-watch references when it comes to the style of the ’60s. With their costumes, makeup and plot lines, they’ve made a massive impact on the fashion world’s big influencers, and now, you can get inspired, too!

Be sure to tuck this list away for a rainy day, and let us know if there are any we missed!

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Bonnie and Clyde, the dynamic duo, this couple may be a set of criminals but they sure look good while they're breaking the law. We particularly love Clyde's relaxed, workwear suits and Clyde's belted blouses.

Photo: 1967, Warner Bros./

Who doesn't love a fashion film about fashion? In Blow Up, we follow a fashion photographer who goes from shooting 60's supermodel, Veruschka to (somewhat) creepily lurking on a mystery woman. Be sure to check out the mod style at its finest.

Photo: Warner Bros., 1966/

For all of you music fans out there, be sure to take in Performance featuring, wait for it... Mick Jagger and style icon Anita Pallenberg. Pallenberg has receiving a good bit of attention as of late due to her influential look in the 60s and 70s (oh and she dated two Rolling Stones... two!), with her bell-bottoms, ethnic jewelry and billowing tops.

Photo: Warner Bros., 1970/

Hollywood is a hard town. In Valley of the Dolls, we see just how much fame can affect a young actress. Though she may be washed up by the end of the film, get a serious dose of fitted sweaters, cropped trousers and major eyeliner.

Head into the future with Barbarella. What once was futuristic now appears wonderfully retro with plastic overlays, massive hair volume and quasi-kitsch crop tops.

Photo: 1968, Paramount/

Oh, Edie Sedgwick. Who can forget how she originated the trend of no pants (ahem, Lady Gaga). In Ciao! Manhattan, we get a peek of what living in Andy Warhol's Factory must have been like as Edie bops along in a car with Paul America in oversized sunglasses and plastic page-boy caps.

Photo: 1972, Court Pictures/

We're still loving androngy these days in the fashion industry. Breathless, a French film, features a young girl, rocking a pixie cut and sometimes a man's button-down. We particularly love her in full-skirted dresses, nipped in at the waist for extra contrast.

In Contempt, Briggite Bardot enters a surrealistic adventure wearing the original fit-and-flare dresses that just about every it-girl is wearing today.

Photo: Lions Gate Home Entertainment, 1963/

Enter a surrealistic world otherwise known as La Dolce Vita. Anita Ekberg captures the audience every time as she plays in a fountain in a flowing black gown, with a perfect face painted.

Photo: Riama Film, 1960/

We don't know whose costumes are better in The Graduate, those of Elaine or Mrs. Robinson. While Mrs. Robinson seduces her daughter's suitor, Elaine looks perfectly Americans circa 1967 with her fisherman sweaters.

Photo: 1967, United Artists/

Even back in the 60's, filmmakers were imagining what supposedly well-behaved housewives did in their free time. In Belle Du Jour, follow a woman who tries her hand at shall we say... extracurricular activities? All the while in some serious disguises (check out those sunglasses!)

She's not innocent, she's Lolita! Tantalizing and terrorizing her mother's lover with her budding bod, Lolita continues to be a massive reference today when discussing bralette tops, oversized sun hats and heart-shaped sunglasses.

Photo: MGM, 1962/

One of the most influential films to date, Audrey Hepburn instilled an iconic style with her beehive and neck of pearls while building the importance of the little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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