Report: Anna Wintour Thinks Kim Kardashian Is ‘The Worst Thing Since Socks And Sandals’

Spencer Cain

It’s long been said that Anna Wintour doesn’t look favorably upon Kim Kardashian. Last May, Kardashian was notably absent from the annual Met Gala—despite her boyfriend Kanye West‘s attendance—which some claimed was due to the legendary Vogue editor shunning the reality starlet from the event (the Oscars of fashion, some say), making it so that Kim couldn’t even buy her way in.

Now, rumors of Wintour’s distaste are firing up again, with a report in last week’s Star (via Daily Mail) that claims West has been “begging” the Vogue editor in chief to feature his girlfriend on the cover of the illustrious magazine. It’s a stretch, sure, but Kim has been embraced by other high-profile fashion glossies, bagging Vogue Italia and covers.

According to sources, though, West’s persistence has been in vain, as Wintour reportedly brushed off the requests and declared Kardashian “the worst thing since socks and sandals.”

Okay, so it seems fairly unlikely that those actual words were used by Wintour, but we’d totally like to imagine they were.

Regardless of what’s really true, we can all agree on one thing: A “socks and sandals” diss is always a winner.