Hell Has Frozen Over Yet Again: Anna Wintour Reportedly Approved KimYe’s Baby Name

Perrie Samotin

Why Anna Wintour would bother concerning herself with such trivial matters is beyond us, but if a new E! report is to be believed, it seems the Vogue editor and Conde Nast artistic director offered her stamp of approval regarding the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby name which is, as we’re sure you’ve heard, North West. No middle name.

So why in hell how exactly did Anna get involved? Remember last month when we all collectively flipped out and proclaimed that hell had frozen over because that Kim was invited to this year’s Met Gala, despite previous reports that Anna had quipped that Kim was “the worst thing since socks and sandals” and banned her from 2012’s gala? Well, you might also recall that right before the ball, KimYe were also invited to dine at Anna’s New York City home, which is where the editrix repoeredly give K and K two thumbs up on the proposed baby name “North.”

“That’s not why they named her North, but it’s nice to have Anna’s blessing!” a source told E! News.

We’re not sure how much truth there is to this rumor, and it seems a bit strange—not to mention forced—that Anna is so heavily aligned with Kim in headlines these days. Either it’s the handy work of Kim’s PR people (gotta land that Vogue cover, girl) or it’s the simple fact that Wintour might actually like the self-promoting reality starlet. Eh, probably the first one.

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