Rent the Runway: Netflix for Fashion


Thanks to Sex and The City: The Movie, many devout SATC fans learned the concept of renting expensive handbags from Jennifer Hudson sporting a new Vuitton bag each week. Sites like give you access to the limited edition Louis Vuitton Speedy Roses handbag. One month of toting around the coveted bag costs the low price of $195, along with every other designer bag and style you dream of storing all your stuff in.

Now breaking into the realm of runway looks is the newest rent and return site Founded by two Harvard Business School grads, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, there genius idea has sparked interest in over 20,000 women in the one week the site has been up and running.


How can this be? A great designer dress rented for that one special occasion at a fraction of the cost? Designer dresses by DVF, Herve Leger, and Proenza Schouler that normally cost over a thousand dollars, can be rented for astonishing price ranges between $50-$200 dollars. The dress of your choice is delivered right to your door same day as the event, or a day before, if you don’t live in New York.

The duo has set up a detailed reservation system to ensure that women receive the dress they need in time for the event. Not only do they send you the dress you selected, but they send it in two sizes, in case you’ve been so nervous you haven’t eaten anything or over-excited and eaten everything. With each dress comes a custom garment bag and a fit kit, which includes double sided tape, bra strap adjusters, and deodorant stain removers.

This is a recession-friendly way of keeping all fashion-forward women nationwide in the latest runway styles. Sign up today to get put on the list, as the site is invitation only, and start strutting your stuff in runway looks this weekend!


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