Celebrate The 18th Birthday of Clueless With Every Single Cher Horowitz Outfit

Spencer Cain


Let’s get one thing straight: we’re obsessed with everything about the 1990s, and you probably are too. Frankly, it was a simpler time. And even though some of the fashion was a disaster (tapered jeans, anyone?), the ’90s produced the ultimate fashion bible: Clueless. Sure, many of the trends have faded (hopefully no one reading this is rocking baggy jeans with plaid boxers sticking out), but main character Cher Horowitz’s style is forever. And now, it’s more timelier than ever to honor Alicia Silverstone‘s famed character–as today is the 18th birthday of the film’s original release!

While Silverstone seemed completely at ease in her chic duds, costume designer Mona May admitted that she wasn’t as comfortable as she looked. “It was interesting when we were fitting Alicia,” she told MTV Style yesterday. “She was so young at the time, she didn’t know how to wear the clothes or how to move in them. So it was almost creating her from ground up.” Nonetheless, they seriously made it work, and made film history.

If you don’t have time to buckle down and watch the whole flick, the fine folks at Worn Fashion Journal made a video called “Do You Prefer Fashion Victim or Ensemble-ey Challenged?” which features every single Cher look—in just 58 seconds. The title, of course, refers to Cher’s confrontation with rival Amber when Cher sees her in the same dress Cher had worn earlier that week. Ugh, as if!

Needless to say, this video is genius, and if you devote 58 seconds to anything today, let it be this. Also, let us know what your favorite Cher outfit is. We’re partial to the little sheer number she wears while playing “couch commando” with ex-step brother Josh.