Reinventing the Wheel


I’ve been on the lookout for a great pair of silver hoop earrings for awhile now. I remember wearing them in junior high and high school on an almost-daily basis and, as cheesy and ubiquitous as they’ve become over the years, I’ve found myself kind of missing them lately. I know, I know–the thought of silver hoops brings to mind nothing but visions of adolescent teenage girls roaming the local malls in a pack of their giggly friends. I don’t know–ever since I saw The Wackness, I’ve had the 90s on my mind. So, in my search for a chic pair of hoops, I found these gorgeous babies by Farrah Dragon Jewelry on Dragon produces organic jewelry inspired by nature and made with eco-conscious materials–all of her precious metals are either 100% recycled or obtained from the most socially and environmentally conscious sources. I love how rough and imperfect they look–the texture reminds me a little of tree branches. They take an old classic and make it chic again with a fresh twist.

I want your thoughts, ladies. Is this a trend worthy of resurrection? Or is it better off left in the dust?