The Internet Can’t Get Over How Much This Teenager Looks Like Regina George

"Mean Girls"
Photo: Paramount Pictures.

When Mean Girls premiered in 2004, its villain, Regina George, became an instant icon, with fans quoting, referencing and dressing up as the character for Halloween. But it looks like one fan already has a built-in costume.

Clarisse Muller, a 16-year-old pageant contestant from Namibia, Africa, shocked the internet after a picture of her looking exactly like the Mean Girls went viral. The picture featured Muller, the first runner-up for Miss Teen Namibia 2018, in an all-white outfit with a death-like stare—not unlike the looks that Rachel McAdams gave as Regina, the Queen Bee of a mean-girls clique known as The Plastics.

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Understandably, fans went insane over Muller’s resemblance, with many mistaking Muller for Regina herself. Likewise, some even referenced one of Mean Girls‘ jokes—”If you’re from Africa, why are you white?”—after learning that Muller is from Africa. (As BuzzFeed reports, more than 100,000 Namibians are white after Germans colonized the country in the 19th century.)

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As for Muller, the teen is amused at the reaction to her Regina-like looks. She told BuzzFeed that she first learned of the comparison two weeks ago when someone direct-messaged her and pointed out the resemblance. “It is definitely not something I’ve heard before but there was this guy who DMd me on Instagram about two weeks ago and told me that I look exactly like Regina,” she said. “At first I thought it was weird but I soon got used to it and it’s actually fun.”

So fetch. Take a look at some of Muller’s other pictures to decide if she’s actually Regina 2.0.