Reese Witherspoon Dating Again! Plus 10 Ways to Get Back in the Game After a Break-Up!


Newly single gorgeous blondes never stay single for long, which is why we werent surprised to find out that the recently unattached beauty, Reese Witherspoon, is dating again! Witherspoon split from beau Jake Gyllenhaal last December.

The rumored news was leaked when onlookers caught a glimpse of Witherspoon meeting up with an agent for Hollywoods Creative Artists Agency, Jim Toth, at Locanda Portofino last Thursday. The two were spotted canoodling throughout their two-hour stay at the Italian restaurant in Santa Monica, California, which consisted of plenty of wining and dining — plus, like a gentleman, Toth picked up the tab. The actress was all smiles upon their departure at 11 PM, which ended with an amorous hug and a peck on the cheek according to a passerby.

Despite the fact that Witherspoon is indeed a CAA client, we think cupids arrow may have struck the young mother of two (Ava, 10 and Deacon, 6) — or was it just a friendly client-based rendezvous? It would be a timely romance seeing as that Valentines Day is swiftly approaching. Regardless, we think its about time that Witherspoon return to the dating scene — and if you find yourself single this season, so should you!

Here are 10 reasons you should rejoin the dating game:

1. Valentines Day is Next Week
The holiday for lovers is upon us, so why not rejoin the dating world in hopes of finding a new beau? Besides, its always nice to get a dozen red roses and a box of chocolates (or three) from hopeful admirers.

2. Honeymoon Stage
Even if youre not too keen on dating again, use this simple fact as a motivator: guys are always on their best behavior at first. Its the time when he can do no wrong and has you falling head over heels, turning into your very own Prince Charming. This is known as the honeymoon stage, which is what we live for. You can always move on once the bliss fades — thats why its called dating!

3. Cuddle Buddy
Face it — its still cold outside, and you need more than a warm winter cocktail to heat your bones. Thats where your new man comes in. Start dating again to find a cuddle buddy pronto to ease the winter chill.

4. Date Nights
The same old monotonous routine can get tiresome after awhile, so change it up a bit by adding some men into your schedule. Start accepting those dates that you’ve been getting asked out on and theyll immediately add some spontaneity into your life.

5. Romantic Getaways
Dating has the potential to turn into some serious fun — maybe if you get lucky, even a romantic beach getaway. Look for a renaissance man who shares your passion for travel and take a much needed holiday with your newfound lover. Let the fun times begin!

6. New Social Groups
Oftentimes, your date will eventually take you out to a group gathering introducing you to a whole new social circle providing you with potential new friends, networking contacts, or even a better guy. Take advantage of these social networks; they make the dating game that much more appealing.

7. A Dose of Happiness
Dating has that happy schoolgirl affect on most; butterflies soar through your stomach, your cheeks are suddenly rosier, and you become aglow with happiness. And who would complain about that extra dose of happiness? Every girl could use a little extra pep in her step.

8. Finding The One
For every Mr.Wrong you date, you’ll be one step closer to finding Mr.Right. While you may not know it right away, your future knight in shining armor could be just around the bar corner.

9. Buy New Clothes
Not that we need any more excuses, but reentering the dating scene does call for a new outfit — or six. So book your schedule full of dates and hit up your nearest Barneys for some much-needed pieces to sex up your wardrobe.

10. Reese is Doing It
If all the aforementioned reasons to jump back into the dating world still havent convinced you, then let this: Reese Witherspoon, mother of two is back out there, meaning you should be too! No more excuses ladies.

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