Want: A Reebok Sneaker Inspired By Miami Artist Tati Suarez

Meghan Blalock

reebok tati 1 crop

What: A fly pair of sneaks designed by New York graffiti artist Stash, who incorporated the surreal oil paintings of Miami-born, Brooklyn-based artist Tati Suarez.

Why: Suarez is the only female artist in a group of 12 chosen to inspire the designs in the brand’s new City Classics collection. “Being the only female artist involved who also happens to paint women presented itself as a challenge,” Suarez told us. “I needed to maintain my style of work while at the same time cutting back on the femininity. I’d say the result is sexy and bold. I made sure to keep the palette very Miami-ish. I silhouetted some palm trees and other imagery that would adapt well onto the shoe. The end result is amazing; I think they look great! They definitely stay true to my artwork.”

tati miami artistThe oil-painted mural that inspired the sneakers.

How: “These shoes really pop, so they’re a great way to add color to your outfit!” Suarez recommends. “I’d wear them with basic colors: black, white, some denim. Maybe add an accessory that matches. That’s just my style. Have fun with them!”

Tati Sneakers, $80; available July 1 at Reebok

reebok tati mensThe men’s version, $80; available July 1 at Reebok