A Site to See: Reductress Is Like ‘The Onion’ For Women, But Better

Meghan Blalock

reductress A Site to See: Reductress Is Like The Onion For Women, But BetterAround here, we’re endlessly fascinated by the wide world of online fashion, style, and shopping, and it seems that every week brings with it a brand-new site to be obsessed with. Since keeping track of ‘em all can be a feat of epic proportion, we’ve decided to feature “A Site To See” every Monday, which highlights a cool new website you’ll definitely want to bookmark. This week: a hilarious lifestyle site called Reductress.

Why You Should Bookmark It: If you’re a fan of “The Onion” and you’re a Jezebel fan but tend to get tired of über-snark, then Reductress might be the site for you. The brainchild of lady bloggers Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, who started the site with the goal of “telling the stories of real women, written by real women, for other real women who like to read about women.”

To that end, the site includes a mix of hilariously satirical stories (a slideshow of the summer’s hottest fro-yo spoons, summer runway looks for over $1,000) and oddly clickable not-so-real stories (celebrities born without limbs, based on photos of their heads.)

Why It Makes Us Laugh: While we love the funny concepts behind much of The Onion’s content, recently it’s been little bit less-than friendly toward our gender. (Remember when they posted that sarcastic yet uncomfortable  piece citing Chris Brown’s disappointment that another man would get to beat Rihanna? Yikes.)

Reductress provides a comedic, tongue-in-cheek outlet that’s actually funny, not angry. The fashion content, in particular, is awesome for anyone who needs a break from tactical trend stories: Who doesn’t want to click through a slideshow filled with “bold statement necklaces that go with nothing“?

Bonus Perks: In addition to girly things like fashion and beauty, Reductress tackles the third and fourth most girly subjects of them all: love and sex. Topics currently being delved into: choosing the perfect hashtag for your wedding, how to extend your dying relationship, and  whether or not you can find your soulmate at the farmer’s market. Crucial topics for all.

Check It Out: Reductress.com

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