Reddit Out To Break Guinness World Record For Secret Santas

Summer K

Playing Secret Santa in your office during the holidays can be horribly lame. You spend hours and hours trying to come up with the perfect $15.00 gift for your HR girl only to discover that the person who had you thought a magnetic chess set was exactly what you wanted for the holidays (seriously, true story).

Fear not — the digital elves at reddit are at it again with their seasonal Secret Santa push to all corners of the globe. The premise is pretty simple: sign up to participate and list a bunch of stuff you like, confirm your account, and then let them know how far you’re willing to send your Secret Santa gift to an anonymous stranger somewhere in the world. Then, you in turn will get a gift based around your personal present likes and dislikes. (Participants are encouraged to post on reddit about their gifts so everyone can get in on the action.)

Yes it’s fun, and yes it’s unpredictable (you could end up with an iPad…or a bag full of strange herbs and action figures from Japan — seriously it’s a crapshoot), but this year the online social project is two-fold: reddit is bound and determined to break the Guinness World Record for the largest online Secret Santa game.

Considering sign-ups just started today and they’ve already managed to get over 15,000 sign-ups, we say they’re off to a good start.

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