Emma Watson, Zac Efron, Lena Dunham, and Every Other Celeb Ever Made a Spoof Vid for Red Nose Day

You know those terrible videos that are basically a mash-up of a ton of stars who are all fighting for the same philanthropic cause, and each one gets like half a second to say their piece, and the edits are jumpy and short, and you walk away not really understanding the cause any better, but you did see a millisecond of each of your fave celebs, so you feel kind of mixed—disappointed and confused, but also happy to see your baes? Well, celebrities don’t like those roundups either, and they have chosen today, Red Nose Day, to jokingly clap back in a video to fund-raise for the day that celebrates silliness and brings in big money for children in need.

“Red Nose Day,” Ellen DeGeneres starts, looking earnest. “It’s an important cause. Which is why,” Tracy Morgan continues. “We’re doing that thing where,” Kristen Bell says. “A bunch of celebrities” Emma Watson says. “Are edited together,” Liam Neeson says. “So that each celebrity says one sentence,” says Chloë Grace Moretz. “Or less,” adds Zac Efron. “Of a heartfelt plea,” Morgan says. “Or says nothing,” Tyler Perry says. “And just looks serious,” DeGeneres says. Pan to Efron looking really, really, ridiculously serious.

The vid goes on to list tongue-in-cheek reasons famous people don’t really like participating in such films, such as the fact that “group pleas like this can leave celebrities who are used to being the center of attention feeling underutilized, superfluous, and insignificant.” LOL. “Also, sometimes, a person will try to get to the bottom of a serious social issue and try to keep abreast of the solutions to it and bare our souls as we ask for help—but in the end, realizes, embarrassingly, that all they’ve said is bottom and abreast and our souls—the last of which is a bit of a stretch, but does sound like assholes when said in a British accent.” Hilariously, they have Seth Rogen come in to say bottom and Will Ferrell cameo to say abreast, because who else?

“It’s not about ego. It’s not about us. It’s about Red Nose Day,” a bevy of stars conclude. “Please give what you can.” Very cute, and a way more interesting video to watch than the usual phoned-in and sterile assembly. There are another approx. 100 other VIP videos on the Red Nose Day video page, so—enjoy that K-hole. There’s also a huge star-studded Red Nose Day special tonight on NBC at 9 p.m. EST, so if this didn’t sate your celebrity hunger (and let’s be real, it only stoked it), tune in tonight for more.