Red Carpet Rage: Looks We Wish Would Disappear

Liz Doupnik
Red Carpet Rage: Looks We Wish Would Disappear
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Alright we’ll admit it, we’re gluttons for a red carpet. There’s a lot to be a fan of between the crazy photographers screaming at the celebs (which anywhere else would be totally uncalled for), fans losing their minds over their favorite movie stars and the killer dresses (and tuxes!) that find their way onto the carpet.

After enjoying our fair share of award ceremonies already, we’ve found ourselves sighing our way through the pre-show coverage, mostly due to the repetitive looks we keep seeing. Sure, there’s something to be said for going with a classic silhouette or minimal embellishment, but there’s even more to be said for some of the horrendous trends that just won’t die.

We’ve compiled a little slideshow this morning for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to tell us what looks you wish would be retired in the comments section below!

Photos via NY Daily News.

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We love Lea Michele, we really do, but we're so over this whole Medusa, quasi-sheer-stuck-in-ivy look.

We know the stars are privy to a lot of personal trainers, so go on, show a little skin!

Again with the sheer... we love it as much as the next person, but keep it for a night out, not a red carpet.

We think Amanda Peet is adorable, but this dress is just a bit too much on the casual side. You have the chance to rock some serious looks -- go with it!

We might catch some slack for this one, but come on Natalie! That color pink should be solely reserved for Barbie.

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