A Red Carpet Matchy Moment, Plus More Retail-Adoring Bedbugs

Kerry Pieri

Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. Photo: Frazer Harrison, Getty

David Meister on Jamie Lee Curtis’ and Sigourney Weaver’s bridesmaid moment in matching premiere dresses on the red carpet: “We were looking for something that would work on both ladies and we wanted it to fit in with the story of You Again and their characters. Sorry, it’s still weird! (Hollywood Life)

The Nike store is closed in SoHo for bedbugs. Is your skin crawling yet? (NY Mag)

A bag owned by Giorgio Gucci with $50,000 worth of vintage Gucci has gone lost. I feel badly, but I hope I find it! Don’t judge. (Page Six)

Naomi Campbell‘s mom is super proud of her saying: “It [her charity work] all comes from a very genuine place, despite her many mishaps shall we say.” Apparently Naomi didn’t get her mom’s diplomacy gene. (Vogue UK)

Is there a link between La Lohan’s possibly fake boobies and her addictive and overall poor behavior? Fashionista is on the case.

RT @ellemagazine All’s fair in love and war? Almost 1/3 of women have cheated on a serious partnerthe same number as among men (our October survey reports)
Lovely to know both sexes are awful cheaters!

RT @lginstantchic prints prints prints.. ALL ive been obsessed with.. now look at prada.. yea
If we were designers we would listen to what Lori Goldstein likes!

RT @kanyewest At the crib I use really nice napkins instead of paper towels… got the idea from the YSL bathroom … waaaaay nicer
Kanye is so super fancy.

RT @bryanboy When I saw the iconic Pat McGrath backstage, she said, “Bryanboy! We should do something together!” I died inside. https://twitpic.com/2r8kt9
Not to over RT Bryanboy, but this one is so living the fashion life.
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RT @BrooklynDDecker There should be a universal law that club/house/techno music cannot be played in public places. Especially at Coffee Bean before 7am.
No super bass pre-caffeination should in fact by law.