Red Carpet Designers KaufmanFranco to Create Uniforms for American Airlines

Spencer Cain


Ken Kaufman and Isaac Franco, the designers behind high-end label KaufmanFranco, have just been tapped to design new, modern uniforms for the staff of American Airlines. The airline, which doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, is currently in the midst of a complete revamping process, from the design of the planes to, evidently, the style of the flight attendants.

“These uniforms represent one more step toward building the new American,” American’s Senior Vice President Denise Lynn said in a release, “We’re committed to creating the best work environment for our people so that they can, in turn, deliver the best travel experience for our customers. We’re especially excited about the collaborative nature of this project, giving our people a role in the process to develop uniforms that will be both functional and fashionable.”

We’re totally game for an attire change, but rather surprised that the men of KaufmanFranco will be behind it. In case you’re unfamiliar with the label, it’s a total celebrity red carpet favorite—in fact, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez both rocked gowns from their recent collection at events this week—and many of the pieces feature plunging necklines, something that’ll probably be altered for this venture. We’ll see when the new uniforms are rolled out in 18 to 24 months!

Do you think flight attendants’ uniforms need updating?