Recycle Your Denim

Rachel Adler

If anyone will be able to convince you to do your part for the planet, it’s Earnest Sewn.

The word on the street is (or so Fashion Week Daily says) that an editor sent the Earnest Sewn team a photo of a model wearing her own pair of Earnest Sewn Harlan 18 jeans, and that very “super-worn in” pair then inspired the new “Chloe” wash in the Fall 2009 collection.

So—Earnest Sewn has now announced that you can bring any of your well-worn pairs of Earnest Sewn jeans to your local store and exchange it for a 30% off discount for a brand new pair of jeans. Plus, if the style makes it into next season’s collection, the jeans will be named after whichever customer returned the pair.

Now you don’t have to spend countless hours hacking at your old jeans in an attempt to make them look like brand new cut-offs, instead you can actually BUY new jeans, and be a part of Earnest Sewn’s line.

Best. Idea. Ever.