Recessionomics: Men Buying Lots of Pink Underwear During These Hard Times


Jockey claims that the recession has caused men to buy more undergarments than usual. According to the Daily Mail, sales of their colored Y-front briefs have rocketed by an average of 60 per cent over the last six months – and the baby pink pairs have sold more than any other, seeing a 62 per cent boost in sales over the past three months. Baby blue, orange and lime green have also seen significant sales increase.

Now a little history lesson in great men’s underwear trends: Jockey claims that something similar happened during the great depression when sales of boxers printed with the world on them went through the roof as men chose the pattern over their usual plain briefs, a result, said market analysts, of men seeking a soupcon of exotic escapism. I can only speak for myself in saying this, but if my man got undressed and he was wearing pink boxer briefs, I would run for the hills. What about you?

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