Recessionista Do: Re-Gifting/Selling Your Groupon Vouchers

Jessica Hoppe

I don’t know about you guys, but the holiday season is an enemy to my purse — don’t let the Givenchy fool you. Not only do we have Halloween costumes to purchase, the big-time gifting holidays are just around the corner.

The good news is as the economy has taken a downturn retailers have upped the ante on capturing the consumer. The popularity of sites such asGroupon andLivingSocial are even causing somestores to complain they can’t handle the amount of traffic a Groupon deal can generate.

But what about when you see a fabulous deal but you can’t take part? Why not gift your amazing deal or sell it to the highest bidder and raise some cash for gift giving?

Just as the bargain hunting sites will find the deals for you likewise bargain selling sites such asCoupRecoup andDealsGoRound will help you get the best bang for your buck!

Wisebread reports, “They bring together people who have deals they want to get rid of with people who missed out on said deals and want in. If you have a coupon you no longer want, you can sell it. If you want access to a deal that you missed, you can buy it.”

I just treated my sister to a $25024K Gold Facial at Spa Martier (a Beauty High Top Pick) for $50 as part of a Spa Week deal for her birthday. Many of the salons and spas are extending these deals through the end of the month so get in while you can!

This is just one example of the HUGE deals out there. So get your recessionista on this season! It’s worth it.

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