Rebel Wilson Is Selling Her ‘Pitch Perfect’ Wardrobe to Build Body Confidence in Curvy Women

Rebel Wilson Is Selling Her ‘Pitch Perfect’ Wardrobe to Build Body Confidence in Curvy Women
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If you’re like the rest of the world and love Rebel Wilson‘s “Pitch Perfect” character, Fat Amy, you might soon be able to dress like her. In an interview People, the 37-year-old actress revealed that she’s selling the fan-favorite character’s wardrobe (which she designed herself) to build body confidence in curvy women.

Wilson—whose “Pitch Perfect” wardrobe came straight from her clothing line, Rebel x Angels—wants curvy women to feel as bold and comfortable in their skin as Fat Amy. In the vein of comfort, Wilson strayed away from “fancy” garb and chose clothes that are “every day,” so women can still feel confident even if they’re dressed down.

“Fat Amy is a girl, like myself, who is very comfortable in her own skin,” Wilson said. “She doesn’t need super expensive clothes or anything fancy. She wears pretty much ‘every day’ clothes but wears them boldly.”

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Though she didn’t know whether her brand would launch by the time of the premiere of “Pitch Perfect 3,” Wilson always intended to sell her wardrobe. Fortunately, the timeline matched up and Wilson was able to sell her pieces, so that fans can feel and look like Fat Amy, too.

“Without knowing when and if the brand might be released, I designed pieces specifically to wear in ‘Pitch Perfect 3′ with the hope that I’d be able to sell these when the movie came out,” Wilson said. “I know there’s a lot of plus-size girls and women out there who love my character, and I wanted them to have the opportunity to look like her.”

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Rebel’s line includes staples from the movie like Fat Amy’s “Watch Me Take a Nap” t-shirt and the character’s badass suede moto jacket. Shop the rest of Wilson’s “Pitch Perfect” looks, here.