Rebecca Taylor’s New ‘ReCollect’ Program Promotes Sustainability—and Gives You Cash to Shop

Maggie Griswold
Rebecca Taylor’s New ‘ReCollect’ Program Promotes Sustainability—and Gives You Cash to Shop
Photo: Rebecca Taylor/Maggie Griswold.

There’s no question that promoting sustainability is en vogue, but most fashion retailers and designers have done little to combat their carbon footprint. While many of us might assume there’s not much point in attempting to correct retailer environmental missteps from the past (and, instead, only focus on the future of fashion production), Rebecca Taylor is here to prove us all wrong. Rebecca Taylor’s new ReCollect program has officially launched, and its focus is on creating more sustainable fashion in the future by using the past.

In other words, Rebecca Taylor has created a program to repurpose, recycle and resell previously owned clothing from their past collections. This will allow fans of the retailer to extend the life of pieces they might not wear anymore and promote responsible consumption. Plus, it also gives customers a credit to use on the Rebecca Taylor site or in stores. If you have gently-worn Rebecca Taylor clothing, all you have to do is trade it in to the retailer, and they’ll grant you with $15 credit per item to use on new pieces. The clothing customers trade in will then be recycled into curated drops on the Rebecca Taylor site for everyone to shop.

Rebecca Taylor

Courtesy of Rebecca Taylor.

Brand President of Rebecca Taylor, Janice Sullivan, explains her excitement about the program: “At Rebecca Taylor, we are enthusiastic about embracing new ways of reaching our customer as we were one of the first brands to launch our own rental program. Rebecca Taylor ReCollect will allow us to open another door to a potential new and aspirational customer as well as offer timeless style to our existing consumer.” 

Plus, Rebecca Taylor will be donating 50 percent of the retail proceeds from the curated ReCollect drops to Cool Effect, an organization that focuses on reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change through high quality carbon reduction projects across the globe. So check your closets, because your old Rebecca Taylor looks are about to get a new life—and support combating climate change.