Q&A: Rebecca Taylor on Spring 2013, Fashion Bloggers, More

Jilly Miscioscia

taylor s12 084 Q&A: Rebecca Taylor on Spring 2013, Fashion Bloggers, More
Pack your bags because we’re heading to Hawaii with Rebecca Taylor for Spring 2013! We got a chance to chat with the designer about her spring collection and all things fashion before the collection hits the runway in a few hours.

What was your inspiration this season?

“Because in the fashion industry we all tend to work very, very hard, I didn’t really get to take a lot time off for Spring, so I was in the city, and it’s sort of like, it’s dreaming of Hawaii through a city landscape.”

What can we look forward to seeing on the runway?

“There’s a beautiful, corally Hawaiian Hibiscus prints that’s mixed with more urban black and white polka dots and nude and navy and another Hawaiian print I call ‘Hawaii-Five-0’. It’s sort of a dark brown with colored flowers on it – it’s really beautiful. Modern, clean, structured, and really polished. ”

After the madness of Fashion Week is over, what are your plans?

“I’m actually thinking I’m going to take the kids to Disney World. It’s the happiest place in the world!”

So jealous. So what’s on your must-have list for Fall?

“I’m looking for (and maybe you’d know where to get them!) a pair of pointy heel boots. A little bootie that zips up. We’ve been wearing these little ankle boots for so long, which are really cool, but I’m finding them a little clunky now. I’m wanting everything polished and more feminine.

Lastly, how do you feel about bloggers in the fashion world?

“I think it’s really, really interesting and very liberating and very democratic. For years people had to wait in the wings to be able to write something or get published, but now everyone can have their day and I think it’s really interesting to get so many different forums for people to get their opinion out there and put together their style. I think it’s really great, really interesting and totally not something I could’ve dreamed up 10 years ago!”

Style to the people, folks!

Jilly Miscioscia is one of StyleCaster’s special correspondents for New York Fashion Week. When she’s not blogging for us, you’ll find her over on Sorelle in Style. Read all about her adventures throughout the week right here!