Rebecca Minkoff Dishes On Her Fashion Week Diet

Meghan Blalock

rebecca minkoff fashion week

With New York Fashion Week now less than a week away (wee!), fashion folks are busy getting last-minute arrangements in place, and that includes making sure they don’t crash and burn during all the craziness.

To that end, designer Rebecca Minkoff sat down with StyleCaster—soon after she chose the winner of Diet Coke’s Young Designer Challenge—to chat about how she takes care of herself during fashion’s biggest week of the year.

StyleCaster: Fashion week is here so soon! Are you excited? Getting ready?
Rebecca Minkoff: No, I’m not excited. I’m excited after my show. Haha!

As a designer, before fashion week, how do you prepare? What are you doing now to get ready for next week?
This weekend we started putting all the looks together. All the garments are  being finished and sent to us everyday. Then on Saturday and Sunday we start working with the clothes, styling it on models, casting models, and putting all the looks together. Then all the accessories are arriving.

What can we expect from the spring collection?
Strong Latin American women with an American sportswear twist.

Cool, that sounds really intriguing. What inspired you to do that?
You’ll have to wait and see!

Everyone always talks about what they eat during fashion week, so do you have one staple item you reach for in a crunch?
Think Thin bars are my go-to. I’m starving and I don’t have time to eat so I keep them in my purse. They have 20 grams of protein!

Wow, it’s like pure fuel.
Yes. That, and coffee.

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Iced or hot?
I’m a hot coffee girl, even in the summer. I don’t know why I just… I feel like no matter how hot it is I’ll do hot coffee.

So how does your Fashion Week diet compare to your normal daily diet? How do you stay in shape?
I do Think Thin bars or Fage Greek yogurt for breakfast. If I have time, I’ll make eggs instead.

How do you like your eggs?
I like them slow-cooked. I don’t like them hard.

Lunch lately has been miso soup, this tamago sushi and an avocado salad. That’s going to be my meal every day this week. And for dinner I like to go healthy. Last night I had lentil soup that I put about 6 cloves of garlic in because I was feeling myself get sick and I figured, please let me not get sick right before my show! I just heard that [garlic] helps you if you think you’re getting sick.

What about exercise?
I work out twice a week. The trainer I work with always mixes it up so I’m never doing the same thing, but it’s a lot of weights mixed with getting your heart rate up.

Do you do any yoga or spinning or any of that kind of trendy stuff?
No. I go to the old-fashioned gym and someone tells me what to do! Then, if I can on my own, I run, but that’s not happening right now  because I’m trying to get as much sleep as much as I can on days I’m not working out or getting up early for shoots or late nights out. I’m trying to conserve energy.

How much do you try to sleep every night?
7 [hours]. It’s hard.

Do you have any tricks or tips for getting enough sleep?
Don’t have a child! I’m kidding. I have a two-year-old. It’s amazing, but sleep is not his priority.

How do you balance having a two-year-old and being a designer?
For me, it’s important that when I’m with him, I’m really focused and with him. That could mean not checking the phone until he goes to bed, or on the weekends we’re together. Or if I have to work late at night, I’ll go in later in the morning so I feel like I achieve a balance in seeing him. It doesn’t always work, but the nice thing is I get to travel a lot for work and my rule is if I’m gone for more than two days he comes with me.

Does he like to travel?
Yeah, he likes the plane because it means he gets to watch DVDs the entire time!

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