See Rebecca Black Cringe With Embarrassment While Watching Her Own ‘Friday’ Video

Julie Gerstein

rebecca black1 See Rebecca Black Cringe With Embarrassment While Watching Her Own Friday Video

Just when you thought Rebecca Black was a pop culture flash in the pan, she manages to worm her way back into the news (and, unfortunately, our heads.) In case you’ve forgotten, Black recorded a viral little ditty called “Friday” (don’t think about it too much, it’ll get stuck in your brain for days!), in 2011 that quickly became the object of international scorn. The 13-year-old had the last laugh though—the YouTube video for the track racked up over 60 million views, and solidified her place in the canon of annoyingly catchy songs that mean absolutely nothing. Well now, Black’s 16 years old, and it seems even she’s embarrassed by the pop confection.

In the video below, Black decided to post a clip of herself rewatching her three-year-old “Friday” video—and cringes with embarrassment at her bad acting, her hair, and the weird things she’s always doing with her hands.

She also provides plenty of commentary about the song—a bizarrely pedantic ode to the days of the week—and we learn that it’s her real family in the video, and that she’s really not into the blue eyeshadow she wore in the clip.

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It’s clear an older, wiser Black is trying to parlay her past Internet fame into a real singing career (she’s not awful—check out this not too shabby version of Rihanna’s “Stay”) but even if she never releases another song, we’ll always have “Friday.” And this “Behind the Music”-style story behind it.